Pneumonia diagnosis

Democratizing Ultrasound with Caption: How Can AI Transform Pneumonia Diagnosis?

First used in the 1950s, ultrasound relies on high-frequency sound waves to provide cross-sectional images of the body. Over the past 60+ years, ultrasound has become an essential technology for rapid diagnosis, especially because it is cheaper and more accurate than many other imaging methods. After selling artificial intelligence (AI) -based image recognition start-up IQ […]

Pneumonia symptoms

What is pneumonia? Symptoms, treatments and causes of the infection that prevented Sir Tom Moore from getting a Covid vaccine

An NHS staff member wipes her eyes as she holds a sign thanking British veteran Captain Sir Tom Moore for his fundraising efforts. (Photo: Getty Images) Captain Sir Tom Moore became a national treasure during the first national lockdown when he raised over £ 30million for the NHS by walking 100 tours of his garden. […]