Pneumonia causes

Viral pneumonia causes chaos in Wuhan

Daily COVID-19 infections have reached record levels in the United States, across swathes of Europe and Australia as the new Omicron variant of the virus spirals out of control, keeping workers at home and overwhelming health centers. test. Almost two years after China first reported a cluster of ‘viral pneumonia’ cases in the city of […]

Pneumonia causes

Pneumonia: causes, treatment and prevention

Also according to the latest available data from the European Union Statistics Office (Eurostat), no less than 131,450 people died of pneumonia in 2016 in the EU, i.e. around 3% of all deaths in the EU. ‘year. This is not surprising considering that pneumonia, which strikes at any age, poses a greater threat to the […]

Pneumonia symptoms

What is pneumonia? Symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention

How do you get pneumonia? Most of the germs that cause infection are passed from person to person through droplets, coughing or sneezing. Young children and people over 65 are most vulnerable to pneumonia, notes the Mayo Clinic. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), you are also at a higher risk […]

Pneumonia symptoms

Symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment and complications

What is pneumonia? Pneumonia is a lung infection that can range from mild to so severe that you need to go to a hospital. This happens when an infection causes the air sacs in your lungs (your doctor will call them alveoli) to fill with fluid or pus. This can prevent you from inhaling enough […]

Pneumonia causes

Types of pneumonia: causes, symptoms and treatments

Pneumonia is a type of lung infection that causes the air sacs in the lungs to fill with fluid. There are different types of pneumonia. In most cases, pneumonia is caused by a bacterial or viral infection. In rarer cases, pneumonia can be caused by inhaling fluid into the lungs or by a fungal infection. […]

Pneumonia symptoms

What is pneumonia? Symptoms, treatments and causes of the infection that prevented Sir Tom Moore from getting a Covid vaccine

An NHS staff member wipes her eyes as she holds a sign thanking British veteran Captain Sir Tom Moore for his fundraising efforts. (Photo: Getty Images) Captain Sir Tom Moore became a national treasure during the first national lockdown when he raised over £ 30million for the NHS by walking 100 tours of his garden. […]

Pneumonia causes

Causes, risk factors and prevention

You can get pneumonia from bacterial, fungal, or viral infections. You can also get aspiration pneumonia, which is when you inhale food, or hospital-acquired pneumonia. To prevent pneumonia, get your flu shot, wash your hands and stop smoking. Visit Insider’s Health Reference Library for more tips. Pneumonia is a lung infection that can be caused […]

Pneumonia symptoms

Symptoms, management and its relationship to COVID-19

COVID-19 is a respiratory virus, which can spread to the lungs, and apart from other respiratory conditions, it can cause pneumonia. Read here to know the causes, symptoms, and management. In COVID-19 pneumonia, the patient has little or no sputum production STRONG POINTS Treatment for pneumonia depends on the type of pneumonia you have Keep […]

Pneumonia symptoms

Treatment, seeking help, etc.

Pneumonia is the inflammation of the tissues of the lungs. It usually occurs due to an infection. Pneumonia in people 65 years of age or older can become serious because of the increased risk of developing complications. According to American Lung Association (ALA), older people have a higher risk of developing serious illness from pneumonia. […]

Pneumonia symptoms

Foot pneumonia: symptoms, causes and treatment

Perhaps it should be called “trailing pneumonia”. You don’t feel bad, but you are really tired and weak, with a dry cough that won’t go away. You may also have a mild fever. When such symptoms persist, it may be foot pneumonia. A generally milder form of bacterial pneumonia, it’s usually easily treated after you […]

Pneumonia prevention

Prevention of pneumonia is possible

Community-acquired pneumonia (CAP), an acute bacterial or viral alveolar infection of the lungs, manifests itself in a clinical spectrum. CAP can be ambulatory pneumonia with anorexia, cough, dyspnea, and fever in otherwise healthy patients or so severe that it requires hospitalization (necrosis or multilobar disease with septic shock). Pneumonia is the leading cause of death […]

Pneumonia symptoms

Symptoms, treatments, causes, tests and prevention

What is that? Pneumonia: Pneumonia can also be caused by infections that spread to the lungs The lungs are two spongy organs in the chest wrapped in a thin membrane called the pleura. About 90% of the lungs are filled with air, only 10% are solid tissue. When a person inhales, the air moves down […]

Pneumonia symptoms

Bacterial pneumonia: symptoms, causes and treatment

What is bacterial pneumonia? Pneumonia is a common lung infection where the air sacs in the lungs become inflamed. These sacs can also become filled with fluid, pus, and cellular debris. It can be caused by viruses, fungi or bacteria. This article is about pneumonia caused by bacteria. Bacterial pneumonia may involve only a small […]

Pneumonia diagnosis

Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia diagnosis: what you need to know

There are different types of pneumonia. Through GILLIAN MOHNEY September 12, 2016, 19:43 • 3 minutes to read Share on FacebookShare on twitterEmail this article ?? – Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia diagnosis has drawn attention to a disease that kills 53,282 each year in the United States. But pneumonia is actually a broad category of illness […]

Pneumonia symptoms

What is pneumonia? Symptoms, treatment of lung infections affecting Hillary Clinton

The immediate future of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail was in doubt on Monday after it was revealed she was battling a case of pneumonia. The announcement came hours after she fell ill on Sunday at a 9/11 memorial in New York City, where aides had to help her find a […]

Pneumonia symptoms

Signs that you are infected and what to do

Pneumonia, usually a complication of a respiratory infection – especially the flu – is caused by a bacterial infection and defined by the swelling of the tissues in the lungs that it affects. The disease can become severe within hours, and symptoms can last for months. Symptoms of pneumonia can range from mild to deadly, […]